Seascape House is a specialised facility in the beautiful city of Cape Town providing care and support for people seeking treatment for their addictive disorders. Seascape limits admission to a maximum of 12 residents and is able to provide each client with a programme that is tailored to meet their individual needs.

Under the direction of Dr Rodger Meyer, whose reputation in the field of addiction treatment in South Africa is held in high regard, the experienced counselling team is able to deliver an individually focussed programme in a comfortable and relaxed setting, located in walking distance of the beachfront.

Seascape is experienced in the management of all addictions – drugs and alcohol as well as behavioural addictions including gambling, sex and the internet. In addition, our team will address the psychological conditions like trauma and abuse that often underscore an addiction.

A refined, individualised approach to each client's problem is what sets Seascape apart.

All Medical Aids accepted
TEL +27 (0)21 5565182 | EMAIL | Cape Town, South Africa